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KMQCX 45600


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    Don't just cook when you can create

    Experiment with our Combi Microwave, loads of functions are there to inspire your creativity in the kitchen!

    Crisp Technology


    Sensor Cooking

    Hvad er der i kassen?

    6 included accessory

    This Inox 45cm Built-In Microwave empowers you with a double solution: it combines modern microwave technology with traditional cooking, giving you the freedom to experiment more, create more and get the most out of every recipe.

    The KitchenAid Microwave is equipped with feature up to 7 special functions (including Crisp, Jet Defrost and 30"" Jet Start) and 6 traditional functions (including Forced Air and Grill).

    Tart in oven

    Cook faster with our Crisp Technology like in a conventional oven

    The exclusive Crisp Technology enables you to cook dishes in the microwave like you would do in a conventional oven but 75% quicker thanks to the combination of three heating sources: microwaves, the special patented Crisp Plate and the oven grill. Now your tasty treats like focaccia, shrimps and French fries will be always crisp and immediately ready to be shared!

    Cauliflower in oven

    Cook in a healthy way with the Prosteam function

    With the special Steam attachment you can cook food without using the microwaves. This will offer you a wide range of opportunities for an healthy and natural cooking.

    Turbo grill eggplant in oven

    Make your microwave cooking even easier with our Sensor Cooking

    Just select the food type on the Sensor Cooking menu and the smart sensors will do the rest, automatically adjusting the duration and power according to the moisture content and temperature of the food.


    Black Steel Collection

    Combi Mikrobølgeovn, Indbygget er et af apparaterne i den nye KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel-serie:: ren sort, rustfrit stål, børstet til en unik, varm effekt, elegant og stilfuld.

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