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KCBNS 18602 2

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    This single door refrigerator with an impressive 318 L net capacity is designed to preserve your fresh ingredients at its best. The No-Frost Technology controls the circulation of chilled air inside your refrigerator, ensuring the ideal humifity level while avoiding condensation or the formation of ice on your food and the surfaces inside the refrigerator. Thanks to the Sensor Fresh Technology, temperature and humidity levels inside your refrigerator are costantly monitored. When the door is left open or after you pack the fridge with your weekly shop, it senses changes in temperature and humidity and quickly circulates chilled air to restore the correct temperature and optimal humidity level. Adjustable glass shelves and balconies, crisper drawers, bottle holder and separator, egg tray and cheese box let you better customize and organize the inner space of your fridge. Thanks to the Soft-Close System, drawers close silently and softly every time with just a gentle touch. The led technology delivers a long-lasting, low maintenance solution for excellent lighting. Multiple lights are purposefully placed throughout the refrigerator, making it easy to find items at a glance.

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