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KCBNS 18602 2


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    Don’t lose track of your ingredients

    KitchenAid Refrigerators are designed to keep your ingredients fresh, perfectly stored and within easy reach, immediately ready for your next culinary adventure.


    Sensor Fresh Technology

    Dynamic Fresh Zone

    This Single-Door Refrigerator has a total capacity of 318L, entirely dedicated to refrigerate your favourite ingredients.

    The Refrigerator combines smart and deluxe details, and cutting-edge technology to preserve your food with special care. The wooden thoughtfully crafted shelf delivers an elegant look & feel that rewards each sense.

    Are you looking for a creative solution? Create a Side-by-Side configuration by combining this Single-Door Refrigerator with the Single-Door Freezer to embrace an European-style kitchen that can satisfy any desire.

    Sensor Fresh Technology

    Don’t worry about opening the fridge, the correct level of temperature will be always ensured by the Sensor Fresh Technology

    Whenever you open the fridge door, the technology will automatically let circulate chilled air to restore the optimal humidity level.

    Refrigerator open drawer

    Keep all your ingredients in-sights with our Panoramic LED Lightning

    Bright Panoramic LED Lightning illuminates every corner so your ingredients colorfully stand out against the premium interior which also masks the dirt to keep refrigerator looking pristine. Give to your ingredients the environment they deserve!

    Dynamic Fresh Zone

    Give your ingredients their desired environment with the Dynamic Fresh Zone

    You can now select between 3 different temperatures to ensure optimal conditions for meat and fish, dairy products, and fruits and vegetable. This innovative drawer is the key to better preserve even the most delicate ingredients.

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